Hi! I’m Lizell

UI/UX Designer

I'm a freelance designer based in Las Vegas with 2 years of UX design experience.

I found a passion for UX/UI during the discovery of outdated technology for past industries I’ve worked for in the past. I never knew such a role existed until I became a Software Engineer student at ASU. I began to learn tools like Figma and Adobe xD that allowed for me to create multiple prototypes for projects we had to develop in class.

After many projects, I began as a design freelancer; offering my skills in various and unorthodox projects. Check out my portfolio and connect with me!

UI/UX Designer

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I specialize in creating digital products and experiences for multiple industries including business, healthcare, communications, restaurants, and more. I feel comfortable working on all aspects of the product cycle, from running ideation workshops and research to prototyping journeys, crafting beautiful UIs and delivering production-ready assets.

I am available to for remote work only at this time.

What are my skills?

I have experience in using a myriad of design and development tools. I feel the most confident in UX/UI. Because there is always more room for growth, I feel there is always something more I can learn from other designers. I know the basics of front-end development, but always hungry for more knowledge, and with my current software engineer student status, my back-end development skills are still at its early stages.



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Introducing My Projects

From website designs and logos to UX projects, here are some of the work I’ve created. Check them out! :)