With the COVID continually forcing industries to evolve with the new rules of the pandemic, the service industry is one that has been greatly affected and has recently turned to technology in its efforts of surviving. With Zoom and Webex allowing remote work to become the new normal, where does this leave the restaurant industry? This application allows users to order and pay within the utilizing their own cellphones, as well as aligning the communication between customers and servers with the rhythm of the kitchen to properly provide an experience worth coming back to.


Online Menu and Pay






Many companies have risen to the challenges of the pandemic and have released many features to solve its barriers. Between QR codes, online ordering menus, curb side pick up, and online forms of payment, restaurants have slowly began to welcome back their customers.


  • POS System

  • Tap, Apple and Google Play

  • Menu ordering system linked with tables and pay apple pay via phone

  • Can order online, at table, or room service

  • Pay on the phone

  • Australian App

  • Popular European app to serve customers

  • Order and Pay at the table

Empathize with User

For this case study there are two different users, customers and staff. With customers, not only do these users go out to enjoy the food or maybe change their environment, but they also dine out for the service. And with the servers depending on good tips for a living, the pandemic has made it difficult for these users to provide excellent customer service in exchange for a sufficient tip.

Customers:Easy Menu AccessEasy to PayLess WaitingOpen TabEasy to CommunicateNeeds

Staff:Customer ServiceCommunicate effectivelyDrive SalesRhythm of the KitchenEfficiency

Understanding the Problem

Between customer service and customer experience, many problems have existed before the pandemic. With Covid, more challenges have surfaced and forced the service industry to adopt features that cater to the social distancing, mask and covid guidelines. For customers, the top 5 problems they face are: Easy Menu Access, Easy to Pay, Wait Times, Open Tab, and Easy to Communicate Needs, and for the staff they are faced with: Providing Great Customer Service, Communicate Effectively, Drive Sales, Rhythm of the Kitchen, and Efficiency.

Menu Access

  • QR Codes with no ordering ability
  • Physical Menus that can pass bacteria and must constantly cleaned
  • No Images and descriptions
  • Overwhelming to order on the app

Easy to Pay

  • Cash and Giving Payment cards can increase the spread of COVID
  • Limited payment options

Wait Times

  • Full capacity is not allowed since social distancing has to occur
  • Less Tables, More wait
  • Staffing issues
  • Uncertain volume

Open Tabs

  • Tabs are closes after ordering
  • No open tabs

Communicate Needs

  • Customers have to call server, state request, then request is fulfilled
  • Wait on server
  • Split checks

Customer Service

  • Challenging when servers are only allowed minimal time with guest
  • Many customers request take out.


  • Servers need to be quick and efficient.
  • Properly fulfill guests needs
  • Check out customers when time.

Rhythm of the Kitchen

  • The kitchen is the beat of the restaurant
  • Accurately communicate what each guest wants
  • Ensire that the order was correctly made
  • Ensure that guest receuve order within the limit

Drive Sales

  • Loyalty member system
  • Allows for discount codes and birthday treats
  • Happy Hour

Effective Communication

  • Properly communicate between customer, kitchen, and manager
  • Fulfill requests of the server quickly and accurately


Solutions to Problems

Menu Access

  • Provide QR code attached to the table
  • User uses their own personal device to prevent the spread of germs
  • QR code takes them to online ordering option
  • Online Ordering option shows pictures and gives description/ingredients

Easy to Pay

  • Allow customers to pay on their personal device via apple pay, google pay, or scanning their card
  • If restaurants want to pay via cash then they can choose to take the risk of spreading germs and infecting their staff

Wait Times

  • Creating an online ordering and payment options as well as other features that can take on the tasks of a server will allow for quicker table turnover.
  • This will decrease the wait time and increase customer volume

Open Tabs

  • Have an open tab
  • Allow the browser session to always refresh via Cookies
  • Increase the session time before programmed to time out.

Communicate Needs

  • Create a feature that allows customers to select other needs they may have
  • Decrease the amount of steps in teh request process
  • Split checks

Customer Service

  • Create features that take on several tasks of the server
  • Server utilizes their time wisely to effectively build a relationshio with their customer
  • Less with mistakes when customer is inputting their order allowing for greater customer service


  • Customers place their order
  • Customers close themselves out
  • Servers have to focus on bringing the correct order
  • Immediately split tabs when scanning the QR code

Rhythm of the Kitchen

  • Allow servers to confirm orders with guests before sending orders to the kitchen
  • Orders will be made with a first in first out rule to allow for a fair wait time.

Drive Sales

  • Loyalty member system
  • Allows for discount codes and birthday treats
  • Happy Hour
  • We will add a live push ads feature to this.
  • This feature will be able to offer ads to targetted and specified market audience.

Effective Communication

  • Offer a request feature, where guest can make requests to their server without having to call their server
  • Decrease the steps in the request process

Casa di Amore Walkthrough

Menu Order Customize ingredients View the Food Payment Split your payment Front Screen Login

Test it out

I love the concept! I’m a very busy person and though I like to dine in, I also like to be in and out of the restaurant. I’m very impatient and hate calling on my server.

Katie, 34

I love this app! Is there a way it can save my payment information? Can it also save the account for take out orders?

Alex, 25

I love that it doens’t take away the server away. I’m a server and the only thing I’d like to be able to do is to take notes on each table that managers and others have access to.

Linda, 23

I think its cool having these features, but I’d still like to order from my server.

Kyle, 36

I really like the fact that it can split tabs. I hate going out with friends because somehow I always end up paying more. I also like that we can add tabs to our check.

Valerie, 29

I really like the fact that it can split tabs. I hate going out with friends because somehow I always end up paying more. I also like that we can add tabs to our check.

Christopher, 30


STEP 1: Customers come and sit down at the table. The guest will scan the QR code and either input name (this will allow them to order and pay without the creating a login) or they can login and via phone number or email and the menu will appear. The QR code links the order to their table while showing an open table on the server’s screen.

STEP 2: Once customers submit their order, for those who decided to order as guest can either close the tab or make an account and keep it open. For those who logged in, can close out or keep the tab open. The server will check with table and confirm their order, offer other items that pair with their order and submit to kitchen.

STEP 3: Customers can add other people’s tab on to theirs and close out using apple pay, google pay or by simply scanning their credit card.

SPLIT CHECKS OR SEPARATE PAYMENTS: Server’s no longer need to do this. Since everyone is ordering via phone, checks are separated in the beginning.

PUSH ADS FEATURE: While server’s are trying to build a relationship with their customer, they can ask questions to see what brought them in or where they are from. Managers are able to view these notes, and appropriate push an ad to a specific customer or table.

casadiamore-flow casadiamore-flow

Final Prototype